Internet Cafe Honolulu [Cybercafe]

Internet Cafe Honolulu

January 29, 2018
Fish Bowl Internet Cafe

PC Gamerz is the largest Internet cafe and Gaming center on the island.
Now With 2 Locations, one in Aiea near pearl harbor.
And our new location in kaneohe, next to boston's pizza / Windward mall.

Featuring 24 High end Gaming computers and 8 Xbox 360's on 32in 720P TV's. All Xbox's have Xbox live Gold.
All Xbox's are able to host.

PC Gamerz utilizes 2 Internet connections to keep the gaming smooth and the internet users happy.

PC Gamerz is open from 12noon-4 am everyday.
Prices are $4 per hour, $10 for 3 hours, $20 for 8 hours, $40 for 20 more..

Cafe 2600 is my favorite internet cafe in Honolulu. It has wireless-wifi, for only 2.00 you can bring your laptop, or use a house computer for about ten cents a min. The best internet cafe in Honolulu for sure, they have good deals on meals like Sandwiches, Breakfast Plates, Saimin, Soda, Snacks and of course good coffee and iced tea as well. This internet cafe is in a great location at Puck's Alley on the corner of University and King St. One cool thing thats new is they have painted half of the place red and brown so now it looks like a lounge. There is occasionally live more.. is not a lender and does not provide loans or make lending decisions. only provides a matching service between consumers and lenders. does not guarantee that a completed application will result in you being matched with a lender. A standard credit check is not conducted during the loan approval process. Lenders will not contact the three major credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union. Credit checks or consumer reports, however, may be conducted by some lenders through alternative providers like Teletrack more..

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