Dublin Internet cafes [Cybercafe]

Dublin Internet cafes

January 21, 2018
Xtreme Internet And Gaming

An internet cafe's an internet cafe's an internet cafe. This one's open 24hrs a day and serves coffee, that's great and all, but hardly worthy of me dragging my lazy ass out of bed to write a review over.

What is however worthy of review, and indeed commendation, is this story of superior chiefness in a time of great need.

I was in here in the middle of the afternoon last week, doing my best to avoid other human beings, when I hear an old woman walk up to the counter. She's confused and in distress, her computer is on the blink. She knows the lads don't offer this service, but is wondering if they know anyone who might; she wants someone to call out and fix her computer.

Indeed they don't offer that service, or know anyone who does, but they try to help nonetheless. She clearly isn't very computer literate, so they ask her to bring it in. She gets very anxious here so they spend a solid ten minutes talking about anything but the problem in order to calm her down. I can tell by her voice that she's very elderly, I didn't bother turning round because I hate people. And she couldn't possibly bring it in herself. First, one of them offers to pick it up after work, on his own time. Then the other makes a few phonecalls and decides that he can pick it up within the hour.

And she goes away happy.

I don't mention it when I'm paying for internet, three hours solid trolling no doubt. I don't even make contact. And I spent the rest of the day spitting on homeless people and kicking pigeons. But that's ok, because they're good peoples over at Net Cafe. And they more than compensate for the rest of us.

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