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Vancouver Internet cafes

June 22, 2018
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Some people like to leave their regular lives behind when they travel, so they leave tablets home. However, many other people either like to stay connected or must stay connected when they travel. This page is for those who need or want to be connected.

If you have a smart phone, be sure to contact your provider before you enter Canada and find out what it will cost to use your phone in Canada. It might be a good idea to add a Canada plan to your phone before you get to Canada. Otherwise, you may have a surprisingly large phone bill when you get home.

Wireless access is nearly ubiquitous in Vancouver. You’ll find it at nearly all coffee places, restaurants, hotels, food courts, and general hang outs. And, of course, you’ll find it at the local Internet Cafes.

Internet Access Options:

Vancouver and North Shore Public Libraries

The main branch of the Vancouver Public Library has three visitor computer stations where you can access the Internet and wireless access throughout the building. Visitors can access the web for two half hour sessions each day. Branch libraries also offer visitor Internet access. Please check with each branch for its Internet use policy.

The North Shore Public Libraries, four in North Vancouver and one in West Vancouver, also have public computers with Internet access and wireless access. Please contact each branch for more specific information:

Internet Cafes

Virtual Coffee Bean
101-1595 Broadway West, Vancouver

Digital Alliance
1108 Homer Street
Vancouver Phone: 604-669-8801

Internet Cafe
616 Seymour Street
Phone: 604-681-1088

My Office
101-1184 Denman Street
Phone: 604-688-6245

Nicola Internet Cafe
1565 Robson Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-408-1559

Robson Internet Cafe

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LAN Configuration Setup of the Internet Cafe Network
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