Internet cafes Melbourne CBD [Cybercafe]

Internet cafes Melbourne CBD

October 29, 2016
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If you are familiar with computers and would like to work on the latest machines loaded with software for design, 3D, CAD, you can make use of our self service facility. Besides, these computers are also connected to the internet via a broadband connection. When you use the self service facility you also have access to the other peripherals like scanners and printers. Work on your projects and finish them in the comfort of our store. Output the finished work to a printer of your choice or store them on a CD/DVD.

Here at POD you have full freedom and access to all our facilities, equipments and services while you work. If you need any assistance, our staff will gladly assist you. For instance, if you are preparing an art work for a brochure, you will surely appreciate the guidance and tips that help you prepare a print ready design. You can just as easily request assistance for scanning any documents. Come to our print store / internet cafe in South Melbourne or the CBD with an idea and leave it with your project in a book form printed, laminated and bound. When you choose self service facilities, you pay far less since you will be doing the work yourself on the latest, with access to a wide range of peripherals. Enjoy working with full control over your work in a relaxed friendly atmosphere. Our rates are reasonable.

crazy man in internet cafe in London
crazy man in internet cafe in London
CCTV: Terrifying internet cafe raid in north London
CCTV: Terrifying internet cafe raid in north London
internet cafe, London, UK (2)
internet cafe, London, UK (2000)
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