Internet Cafe business plan sample [Cybercafe]

Internet Cafe business plan sample

September 13, 2015
Cafe project plan design

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Products and Services

Stroll Net's public Internet terminals will provide customers full access to email, video email, WWW and other applications such as a prepaid storefront. Stroll Net will provide clients and customers with a unique and innovative product and service.

3.1 Product and Service Description

Walk-up Internet Access: Customers pay with either cash or credit card and receive a specific amount of time on the terminal in exchange for their payment. Customers can surf the Internet, check email and send video email.

Wireless Internet Access: Away from the home, WiFi users can access the Internet through our Wireless Hotspots.

Prepaid Storefront: An application that allows customers to purchase products such as Prepaid Calling Cards, Prepaid Wireless Top-up, and Prepaid Mobile Content (games, graphics, ring tones, etc.).

Multimedia Advertising: Local, regional, or national companies can advertise using multimedia on-screen advertisements. Advertisements consist of full motion video "commercials, " picture files, or twelve advertising buttons.

Technical Specifications

  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Front access for easy service and maintenance
  • 15.1 inch touch screen LCD monitor
  • Industrial spill and vandal proof keyboard
  • Web Camera with integrated microphone
  • Bill Acceptor and Credit Card Reader
  • Stereo Speakers
  • Wireless Router
  • Surfnet Premier

PC Specifications

  • 2.4GHz Celeron Processor
  • 40GB hard Drive
  • 256MB DDR-RAM
  • 52X CD-ROM
  • Floppy Drive
  • Windows XP Professional
  • 3-Year Hotswap

3.2 Competitive Comparison

Stroll Net will be first to place public Internet Terminals in Tech City. Stroll Net will differentiate itself from other ISPs in Tech City by providing its customers with the ability to access the Internet even when they are away from their own computer.

We do not expect to replace standard internet access options (home, school, and work-based computers), but to supplement them; similar ventures, such as Internet cafes, have seen great success.

3.3 Fulfillment

Stroll Net will obtain its public Internet terminals from Supplier One, Inc. located in Vancouver, BC. Supplier One, Inc. will provide the locating service and the hardware required to run Stroll Net. Internet access and networking will be provided through Supplier Two.

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Internet Cafe Business Plan
Internet Cafe Business Plan
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