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August 29, 2015
Control your computers and

Your Control Panel

At the heart of your operation is the “server” application, running on your own computer.

This is what it looks like:


From the panel you have complete and total control over all the “client” computers, in a single location – or even as part of a network of such cafes.

To run a network just set up a single PC as a server, using a static IP address. Antamedia can then work across the internet, securely controlling every computer as easily as if it were in the same building!

You can do almost all operations right here from a single panel – including setting up or adjusting:

  • Pricing Amounts and Structure,
  • Full Security Options,
  • Edit Restricted Programs,
  • Change the Client Skin
  • Advertising Options
  • Internet Explorer Settings etc.
  • Lock or Unlock any Computer
  • Reboot or Shut Down
  • Look at any Desktop Screen
  • Etc Etc

You can even adjust the volume setting of any individual computer!

Here’s some more of the ways Antamedia gives YOU total control over your network:

Bandwidth Management

For both fixed line and wireless data traffic it is vital that you retain some level of control over bandwidth (volume of data transferred to or from your computers) and the rate (speed) of transfer.

This is both to control your costs and to ensure each customer is getting a reasonable share of available resources, maintaining a decent speed and volume for each user.

Each customer’s bandwidth use is automatically controlled for quota and speed, preventing any individual from hogging the system and upsetting your other customers.

You can either take over manually or just let Antamedia allocate your resources efficiently. Easy!

Printing? Make Extra Money With Print Management…

It’s no surprise that Antamedia’s printing control system is world class.

Antamedia is famous for it’s Print Management software, popular in libraries and internet cafes across the world. Totally dependable, it makes setting up a single printer or an entire network a simple and predictable affair.

The software automatically controls all your printers (ink jet, laser, network or USB connected), and who is allowed to print.

Bill your customers for printed documents based on color, size, copies or simply the number of printed pages – your choice.

The cost can be added to their bill, or you can even deduct credit from the customer’s online time!

Just a single printer in your cafe makes life better for your customers. Antamedia makes sure it turns a profit.

|WTIr| antamedia internet cafe 5.4.0
|WTIr| antamedia internet cafe 5.4.0
ANTAMEDIA Internet Cafe Keygen
ANTAMEDIA Internet Cafe Keygen
How to activate Or Register Antamedia Internet Cafe 7.2
How to activate Or Register Antamedia Internet Cafe 7.2
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