Internet Cafe Chelsea [Cybercafe]

Internet Cafe Chelsea

July 30, 2015
Inspiring internet cafe

iWe are located next to Nakumatt Nyali (behind) at planet complex, there are over 15 computers. We have webcam for all Skype and other Live charts are available We use windows 7 & XP professional from 512 to 1 GB & over of RAM. Connection is of high speed all time. Services offered are: printing, scanning, color printing, Photographic printing on Kodak photo paper, photocopying, laminating, binding, international & local faxing, International calls. We also sale soft drinks few computer accessories, Stationeries and typeset.

This is probably the newest in town. Located along Makadara Road right opposite Central Police Station and Tarboush Restaurant. Fast connection and airconditioned. Offers browsing, printing (colour & black), photocopying, scanning etc at competitive rates.

photo by: Trevor Mikelas

JN CYBER GARDENA modern internet cafe located at likoni offering internet browsing, cd writting, typesetting, conferencing n many more

photo by: CHOKOSH

JN Cyber Garden, located in the Old Town of Mombasa at Makadara Opposite Makadara (Jamhuri) Grounds, offers the fastest and cheapest internet connection in Mombasa town.

The place is very quiet, cool (A/C), and friendly with helpful Cyber attendants.

Internet Rates:
- 45/= per hour (0.75cts per minute)

Calling Rates:
- (landline) 5/= USA, Canada, China, Japan, UK, more..

photo by: amir khan

The Blue Room Restaurant is a popular restaurant located off of Haile Selassie and Digo roads. The internet cafe inside costs a bit more than some others in the area, but a good connection, air-conditioning and the ability to eat good food from the restaurant while you surf make it a good find. Services offered in addition to basic web access include CD copying, scanning, printing, typesetting, photocopying, transfer of pictures from your digital camera, lamination, binding, and access to a fax machine. making this a good full service cafe.

A Spacious cafe located next to Kongowea Catholic Mombasa. It has 11computers and provide other services like scanning, typing, fax, binding, lamination, KRA pin, data Recovery, instant Passport size etc. welcome!

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