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Internet cafes Chicago

October 9, 2017
Bytes and Coffee Internet Cafe

Rosa J.'s new "partner in crime, " Daddy J., has been joining her for some city adventures. She wanted to show him some local bites, including her favorite type of place to visit: Mexican neveria.

Ok, let's get back to the use of first person pronoun. After a short bus ride #53 (Pulaski) to Armitage, we walked one (1) block west and arrived at Cafe Internet Latino, located in the Hermosa neighborhood.

It's a family-friendly place to chill. There are several communal computers, mainly for kids to play games. I had a groupon that was purchased awhile ago ($8 off the entire bill). We ordered the small mangoneada, an aguas frescas de papaya, and two (2) scoops of tequila almond ice cream in a peanut cone. Our difference was $3.20.

The chili straw became with each order of mangoneada, which was why it was on a pricer side ($4.40 for small size). From my experience, the chili straw wouldn't automatically come with as part of the package unless the customer asked for it (with an additional cost). Their mangoneada was quite delicious, with a plenty of mango chucks on top. I liked that they used "semi-ripened" mango, because it helped achieve the right "saturation" and "consistency" when mixing with the chili sauce and mango sorbet.

Daddy J. was digging the tequila almond ice cream. He kept saying "forget about Ha*gen-Da*s...they ain't got nothing like what a neighborhood neveria offers." Sorry, I believe he did speak with a correct grammar. I just dramatized it with a sassy tone.

Hubby tagged along and was satisfied with his aguas frescas with the papaya flavor. Their jugo was very fresh. I haven't bought a bottle of Tropi*ana since I called Chicago home. In other words, I understand what fresh juice is supposed to taste like.

Overall, it was worth the trip to provide a great introduction of Mexican-style neveria to Daddy J. It was very eye-opening for him to see how Hispanic culture plays a major role in many Chicago neighborhoods. I'm a firm believer in utilizing local eats as a way to access different cultures. I'm so proud of being a Chicagoan because I can do this on a daily basis.

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