Internet cafes London [Cybercafe]

Internet cafes London

December 16, 2016
4 Internet Cafes London

wifi coffee shopsSometimes writing or working at home offers up way too many distractions. It seems like anything is more important than finishing a post.. Boiling sprouts, colour coding my sock draw, watching Ninja Warrior… To get more done I need to get out, so I usually flee to the nearest cafe with comfy seating, good wifi, plenty of power points and caffeine to keep me fully charged.

I decided to go in search of the best wifi cafes in London that offer all of this to see if any could match up to my beloved Cafe 1001 which is my usual blogging spot. I went on tour to discover 5 alternative spots where you can knuckle down and get some work done. I rate each location based on Wifi connection, power point accessibility, working atmosphere & the coffee.

I’ve learnt that anywhere with ‘Club’ in the title is the place to be — proved this to me a long time ago, so when I read about The Book Club I knew I was in for a treat.

I can’t help but feel annoyed at myself when I walk into a place and think ‘HOW HAVE I MISSED THIS?!‘ Two minutes after entering TBC this reality had hit me, so I very quickly decided that it will definitely be somewhere I will be spending a lot of time in the future.

The Book Club is one of the largest cafes I’ve found so far, filled with natural light and plenty of seating.The Book Club From the name I imagined it would double up as some sort of library or that I should have taken along a copy of Horny’s High Fidelity to fit in, but most seemed to be sat at their tables working and enjoying a bevvy (Yes this is a licensed premises so perfect if you are in need of ‘hair of the dog’ or even to kick off a night out)

As it was a Saturday it was pretty packed so I had a wander and discovered a ping pong table. I wasn’t surprised as TBC is sibling to Queen of Hoxton – It’s all about the ping pong.The book club It’s very much an East London hang out with some interesting ‘book art’ displayed on the walls, the interior of the cafe is quite attractive compared to others. I spent a considerable amount of time here and was even moved to make way for a party but due to the amount of seating it wasnt a problem. I was quite distracted by the constant murmur of the crowd but Hey it was a Saturday, can’t complain.

The Book CLub fix coffee Tina We Salute You Tina We Salute You
crazy man in internet cafe in London
crazy man in internet cafe in London
CCTV: Terrifying internet cafe raid in north London
CCTV: Terrifying internet cafe raid in north London
internet cafe, London, UK (2)
internet cafe, London, UK (2000)
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