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Internet cafes in Sydney

July 1, 2016

The two levels of WellCo, the cafe formerly known as Well Connected, are the ideal location for group study sessions.

The large cafe is divided into a few different sections, allowing for private group discussions, brainstorming and, if this works for you, debating aloud to yourself without too many people noticing. There are a bunch of power points for laptops and the perfected combination of lounges and sturdy table tops, for a chilled study environment out of the confines of your bedroom. Wifi is free, although it is limited to one hour, thus forcing you to make the most of your study time and not waste your precious internet minutes frollicking on facebook.

I stopped coming here a year or two ago, unimpressed by their coffee and their slightly expensive breakfast menu. Returning now (drawn in by the free internet and newly Single Origin coffee beans), I am happily impressed by the cafe's minor changes.

The coffee now is quite alright and the menu is reasonably priced. Also, the menu is far more appealing than on my last trip and the food is better still. I had the tuna salad which was tasty, although a little dressing heavy. My companions had the fish burger, the tofu salad and the soy burger, all equally tasty and affordable choices.

Whilst no longer a uni student, the encouraging environment of WellCo is a comfort on any given week day, as you can type away on your computer, egged on by the tables of hardworking/cramming uni students around you. Come weekends, however, there's a distinct air of rejoice at WellCo and you join the students in celebrating the completion of another week of work. Head upstairs to the balcony for the prime seats.

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