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Internet cafes in Manhattan

August 23, 2015
Cafe 45 - 15 Photos - Internet

Ok, so this is your standard Midtown Deli owned by Koreans, but serving American Salads & Buffet options and Japanese Udon & Sushi. Needless to say, you don't come here for exceptional and tasty food, but rather edible lunch food at a decent price. Food is nothing to write home about, but not terrible either, just ok in my opinion.

So here's my review for:

Salads: meh, go to Free Foods a few doors down instead. It's more expensive, but the quality is 10x, yes 10x, better. If you get a salad here at Cafe 45, it's cause you can't afford to spend an extra $4 for better quality vegetables, or you're just down right cheap.

Buffet: my Life Motto which has served me well has been to "Never Eat from a Buffet and Never Go on a Cruise". They basically go hand-in-hand...lots of ill-mannered people touching & sneezing on everything, increasing the chance I contract the Norovirus...pass.

Sushi: actually not bad, even though it's essentially fake sushi, being prepared by a Korean guy who I see constantly chain smoking outside the storefront - otherwise known as "cigarette sushi" at my work. Not the best name for a sushi spot, but look, I've been to plenty of 5-star sushi spots in the city, as well as in the Tokyo fish market, but given the horrendous sushi options in the neighborhood (Azusa, Cafe Zaiya, etc.), I've resorted to eating at the "White Castle of Sushi" - at least it's edible and I haven't gotten sick (yet), and cheap - $12 for 4 large salmon sushi pieces and a sushi avocado roll.

Udon and Stir Fry: actually very good noodles, especially in the winter time, and the broth has a good flavor and good additions (beef, chicken, shrimp, etc). This is what you come for, don't bother with anything else, unless you need a sushi fix, which like I said, is not bad.

So, come here for the Udon, Stir Fry or Sushi (if you have to), as well as any other convenience store items you might need, but don't come here expecting to be blown away or saying, "that was amazing, I'm coming back again"...more like, "that wasn't bad, I guess I could do it again sometime if I have to".

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