EASTWOOD, Internet cafes [Cybercafe]

EASTWOOD, Internet cafes

November 30, 2016
If you realize each day is a

I was desperately trying to find a cafe close by to North Parramatta that had free wifi. There are a few at Parramatta but i felt like venturing off today :-)

I found a Cafe called Cafe Centro, literally in the middle of Asia (i'm asian so i'm allowed to say that!).

Cafe Centro was quite average. Location wasn't that smick, and the ambiance and feel of the cafe wasn't spectacular, but that was ok, because if you just want a great, coffee, tea or food, this would do the trick :-) Great breakfast menu. I had the Coconut corn fritters. I'm a big obsessor of coconut so having this on the menu was very different, but it tasted great!

I did achieve my goal of finding free wifi, but omg, the connection here was CRAP! the connection kept cutting in and out and it didn't stay on for no more than 3 minutes at a time! no lie. i didn't end up getting a lot of work done in the 4-5 hours i was there because i kept trying to bloody connect. It got frustrating so i did end up leaving because of it. They have a 500mb limit. i asked the waiter why they have a limit and its because they kept getting students in and staying for hours of the day during busy periods so they had to limit the amount of internet per person/connection. So really he was telling me it was a strategy for them to not let people stay for long. Well, it definitely worked on me! He said you can clear the cache and let it reset. omg, do i look like i spend my time clearing caches? i dont even know how to say that word! i ain't got time. i just want to use your internet. Lucky i had an unexpected visitor join me for coffee or else i would've gotten even more frustrated at this internet, cache-clearing cafe.

Eastwood is quite busy, especially in the midst of ASIA (remember, i'm asian, so i'm allowed to say this!), so parking is a biachie to find. Lucky there was an underground parking lot nearby. It says 2 hours max, but you dont require a ticket to get in or out, so i guess you can stay there for as long you want. (i know i did).

Besides my crazy wifi story...i will be coming back for that coconut corn fritter dish, but definitely NOT for you if you require a cafe with free wifi. Its one thing to find free wifi, but its another when it doesn't actually bloody work!...however, if you know how to clear caches, then go NUTS! :-)

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