Internet Cafe Durham NC [Cybercafe]

Internet Cafe Durham NC

January 2, 2017
Women-Only Internet Cafe

Jackpot Johnnie Mae goes to RCB Internet Cafe – Durham, NC

It is the day after Thanksgiving and Carlos rested most of the day getting prepared for soccer practice. Jackpot Johnnie and I rested as well and drove Carlos from our hotel in Cary, NC to Chapel Hill. Jackpot Johnnie heard that there are internet cafes in North Carolina and the news reported on protestors trying to shut down the cafes regarding the authenticity of the sweepstakes.

We had time to kill so I researched the internet for a few places in Raleigh and Durham. Durham was closer to Chapel Hill so I wrote down a few places just in case some were closed. I was ready for a new adventure so after we dropped off Carlos, we were on our way.

I saw the Cyber Center on the internet and programmed the Garmin to take us there. We arrived in a shopping plaza and saw that it was closed. I pulled out the list and began to call other places close by. I called the Internet Cafe on Guess road and it was a fax number. I called RCB Internet Cafe and someone answered. We set off to explore RCB.

We passed several houses with bars on the windows, low rise project housing and a few businesses. This would have been a scary experience in the dark so I was glad that there was enough light to see where we were going. We arrived at Phoenix Square and this is what I observed.

Phoenix Square catered to the African-American community. African World Braids, Urban Fashions, Visions of Hair Design, Pagers Plus, Nail Trix, Lillian Beauty Supply, Sweet Home African Intercontinental Restaurant and GG Fish & Chicken were most of the restaurants in the plaza. The plaza also contained a KFC with Boost Mobile Across the street. In my book “Tameka vs. Susie Q.” I talk about what businesses are in the African-American neighborhoods and this covers a quite a few of the businesses that we frequent.

We parked and entered RCB. It was dark and very smoky. This reminded me of my experience at Blackhawk Cafe but smaller and I didn’t think that was possible. The place was desperate need of paint and the carpet was hideous. Hardwood floors were in the smoking section. Jackpot Johnnie did notice that the unisex bathroom appeared to be clean but I’m sure it wasn’t nearly as clean as Surf City. I’m still looking for a cafe that is comparable in cleanliness and hadn’t found it yet.

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