Wireless Internet Cafe software [Cybercafe]

Wireless Internet Cafe software

October 1, 2015
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iSign Cafe, the software solution brought to you by Hotspot Express. The easiest way to manage your entire cybercafes. Just install iSign Client Module in all your client computers. That is all.

You can create your own prepaid-plans (eg. 1hour, 2hours, etc) in iSign server through Internet, and can create and print prepaid tickets. Each ticket is printed with unique username-password. Just sell these tickets to your customers and enjoy full payment. The Inbuilt Rollback-Mechanism keeps the PCs always clean and fresh during each login.

What iSign is:

  • It comes to you as ‘Software as a Service’
  • It comes to you with Zero initial investment

iSign Network Diagram

This rugged LINUX based solution that centralizes numerous functions like authentication, login and billing. We have more than 400 installations across globe

What iSign is NOT:

  • There is No Revenue Sharing Agreement
  • There is No Partner/Franchisee Agreement
  • We do not dictate your pricing and business models

Key Features:

  • State-of-the-art Linux based billing server technology
  • Fresh, Secured, Clean, Faster Desktop for each login
  • Central Database Server
  • Your own customizable Plans
  • Your own brand of tickets and business
  • Data Limit and Bandwidth Control*
  • High scalability for quick and rapid business expansion
  • User-Roaming among your cafes (optional)
  • Compatible to Thin Client cafes
  • Compatible to Linux Cafes*


  • No need to dedicate a CafeServer
  • Quick deployment within no time
  • No setup hassles
  • No Maintenance
  • No database backup headaches
  • Compatible for Wired and Wireless Networks
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Log-On Internet Café
Log-On Internet Café
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