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Internet Cafe Milwaukee

July 18, 2015
Water & puters don t mix

I was having a busy day of running errands with my sister. After being all over the south and west sides of Milwaukee, we finally found ourselves in South Milwaukee and ready for an afternoon coffee break. We found MKE Sippers and were surprised to find a sweet, clean and upbeat coffee shop right on Milwaukee Avenue.

First, it is bright and pleasantly decorated. There is not the overbearing smell of burnt coffee beans lingering in the building. There is enough light to read books. There are electrical outlets to plug-in computers. A back room with tables offers a nice little nook for their book club meetings or your office staff meetings.

About our drinks: I had a Peanut Butter Cup Latte. I was reluctant, as I prefer to not have sugary lattes. It was glorious and I found the flavor to be sweet and fun. It was a novelty and I liked trying it. The texture was creamy. Great for afternoon sipping. My sister had the chai. It had a fragrant spices flavor with exceptional creamy texture. Her only complaint was that although the cup was super warm, the hot chai was tepid, at best. I urged her to bring it to the barista's attention, but she refused. She found comfort with wrapping her hands around her warm mug. She liked the flavor of the chai, but was disappointed that it was not warmer.

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