City Hunter Internet Cafe [Cybercafe]

City Hunter Internet Cafe

August 18, 2016

City Hunter Internet Cafe - Burwood New South Wales, AustraliaFirst to Review

Not having a stable Internet connection at home is really annoying. So unfortunately I spend more time at City Hunter than I'd like to admit.

There are loads of Internet cafes along Burwood Rd, but most of them are disgusting. There is one particular establishment that actually lets patrons smoke inside. I'm not sure if that's legal, bt it sure is gross for all the non smoking customers.
City Hunter on the other hand is spacious and clean. There are mouse pads (what luxury!) and the mouse's/mice (?) aren't as oily and slimy as some I've come across.
Services include:
* Internet
* Gaming
* Printing
* Function room booking

Prices vary depending on where you choose to sit. Options include:
* Bucket Seat (Section A): $2.5-3 per hour. Suitable for internet browsing and games that are not very hardware intensive
* Lounge Seat (Section B): $3-3.50 per hour- for higher hardware intensive games

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